Relax and let Auto Advisors find your perfect car

Take the stress, worry and frustration out of buying a car by letting Auto Advisors do all the shopping and negotiations for you – a no-cost member service offered by USF FCU!

A dedicated advisor will help you understand the entire car buying process and help ensure a hassle and haggle-free experience. They look at the entire transaction; from trade in values, to add-ons, to dealer incentives, rebates, and financing, and work to get you a great low price, helping you save thousands on your purchase, while improving buyer knowledge of the process at the same time.  

Auto Advisors will:

  • Locate the make, model, year and color of the car you’re looking to purchase.
  • Negotiate and handle the whole process.
  • Get you a great low price.
  • Save you time and money — and relieve you of all the car-buying hassles.

Just like you, Auto Advisors has adapted for your safety and theirs. They are now offering virtual service and a home or office delivery, all from a safe physical distance. 

To Get Started:

Fill out our auto loan application. Once approved, we will connect you with Auto Advisors and your car shopping can begin!


“I very much like the Auto Advisor Service you provide. I VERY much appreciated the Auto Advisor and the work she did. … I bought a beautiful car and I am very happy!”

Marcia H.

“Thank you for all of your help in providing me with a new car! It was the first time that I have ever used the Auto Advisor Program, and it was truly a pleasant experience. I particularly enjoyed the fact that I did not have any dealings with a salesperson, just you, and my car was exactly what I wanted - with all the right colors and options. My vehicle is perfect!”

Kathleen O.

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