How to Travel Safely this Summer


Summer is here, and many Americans are itching for a vacation. Here’s how to enjoy your getaway this summer without compromising on your health.

Check your healthvacation supplies

Before heading out to any destination, give yourself a mental COVID-19 screening. Have you been running a fever above 100.4? Have you recently experienced shortness of breath or deep coughing? Do you have reason to believe you’ve been exposed to coronavirus in the last week? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the CDC recommends you stay home.

Check local laws 

Check local laws at your destination before you set out on your trip. Recheck them as you travel since the situation is fluid and laws are constantly changing. You can look up COVID-19 regulations around the country here.

Air travel

An airplane can seem like a flying tube of germs, but that’s not entirely true. The filters used on planes refresh circulated air every two to three minutes, and can effectively block more than 99% of airborne microbes. Airports and airlines are taking additional steps to minimize risk of contagion, with frequent intensive cleaning and sanitizing of common areas; however, since passengers may pick up the virus from fellow travelers, it’s best to continue following standard COVID-19 precautions. Face coverings should be worn at all times and it’s a good idea to wipe down high-contact surfaces. As always, proper hand hygiene should be observed.

Hotel stays

Some states — but not all — have lifted restrictions on hotels and vacation rentals, permitting them to welcome guests again; however, many travelers remain wary. To reassure them, several big-name hotel chains are rolling out new programs and procedures, such as Hilton Worldwide’s CleanStay  program which features frequent cleaning and contactless check-in.

If your travel plans require an overnight stay, come prepared. Pack plenty of disinfectant wipes, and scrub all high-touch surfaces at the hotel room or rental. This includes doorknobs, faucets, remote controls, light switches, countertops and more.

Rest stops

If you have plans to hit the road this summer, travel safely. Pack lots of disinfectant wipes and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Mask up at all rest stops, and don’t forget to keep your distance from other travelers. Use toilet seat covers when available, and wipe down other high-touch areas, like sink faucets, before using. When purchasing takeout food, use contactless payment. Wash your hands vigorously when you’ve finished, and scrub them with sanitizer for an extra measure of protection.


Once you’ve arrived at your vacation destination, continue to exercise caution. The CDC recommends maintaining a 6-foot distance from other visitors while at an attraction, avoiding crowded parks, wearing a face covering at all times and practicing proper hand hygiene.

Play it safe when traveling for a truly memorable summer.

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