I noticed fraudulent charges on my account. What should I do?

Please immediately reach out to our member service representatives at: 813.569-2000 or toll free at: 800.763.2005 to go over your recent transactions and assist you further. If it is determined that your card has been compromised; we will block your current debit card, issue a new one, and email/fax you the fraud paperwork to complete. Once you complete and submit the fraud forms, our card services department will provide you with provisional credit within 10 days.

Additional fraud tips:

  • Be careful using your debit card at gas pumps, vending machines and in isolated locations since there is a greater likelihood of “skimmers” that steal your card information. Also, use caution when entering in your card information online, especially within unfamiliar websites.
  • Set up balance change/transaction alerts through our mobile app. so any activity will show up as a text message. This will allow you to take action more quickly and prevent additional losses in lieu of waiting for a bank statement or looking at your transactions online.
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