TruStage® Life Insurance

It’s not pleasant to think about the day we may no longer be here with our family, but planning to protect those left behind by an untimely death is to your family's great advantage.  Obtaining a life insurance plan can prevent your family from facing challenging financial obligations when you're gone and assure that your dreams for them become a reality.

Benefits of Life Insurance

  • Helps you prepare for the unexpected (such as death or a loss of a job)
  • Designed to safeguard growing financial commitments (marriage, children, mortgage, etc.)
  • Helps to protect loved ones if you and/or your spouse should die prematurely
  • Can build and protect funds for a child’s college education
  • Can accumulate and secure money for retirement
  • A way to leave money to charity

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is typically more economical. Coverage ends when the term expires. Choose a 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-year term based on your specific needs and your vision of the years ahead.

Term Life Insurance is intended to help replace lost income and cover needs that will go away over time. It is insurance for a specific number of years. Most policies have coverage that will not change for the length of the term selected.

Whole Life Insurance

Unlike term insurance, whole life offers coverage for your entire life. And it accumulates cash value, which is accessible in the form of loans or withdrawals. So whole life can represent a future source of money as well as protection. The premiums are guaranteed to remain the same throughout your lifetime.

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